5 Tricks to Overcome Writer’s Block

5 Tricks to help you Overcome a Writer’s Block

Have you ever settled down to write without getting anything done? Whether it’s an essay outline, essay writing, an article or a book, a writer’s block is something that will halt your progress and also annoy you. So, how can you ensure that this does not happen and that your words flow seamlessly on the screen? If you are suffering from a writer’s block, do not be dismayed, here are 5 best tricks to help you overcome it.

1. Apply the kindergarten trick

As a small child, you used to fill in blanks during your homework, right? You actually never struggled with a writer’s block to fill in these blanks. This is because the topic was already clear hence you only needed to insert the correct answer. Whether it’s an essay or an article the easiest way to overcome this is to design your work in such a way that it resembles filling the blanks. But how can you go about this? Well, this is very easy you only need to write a detailed essay outline. Ensure that you spend at least 5 minutes outlining every point that you are going to write so that when it comes to writing, you only need to fill in the details. Once you do this, you will not have to think so hard.

2. Stop writing for a while and do something creative

Instead of the actual writing, you can design images, write poetry, or just build something in the garage. Make sure you do something creative for few hours or days before reverting back to writing. According to studies, over 50% of students normally paint pictures when stuck as this help them quickly jumpstart their creativity. The idea is to continuously exercise your creativity so that you can tap back to your writing or essay ideas.

3. Write like a professional

Have you ever watched a professional player getting ready to play? When these professionals are getting ready to do something that they have done severally they always do the same thing. Whether it’s spinning the ball before throwing or dribbling the ball three times, doing the same thing normally helps their minds assume the right success mentality. As a writer, your routine may be something like

· Waking up at 5.00.

· Drinking a glass of water.

· Doing 5 minutes of exercise.

· Opening the laptop.

· Reviewing the outline.

· Getting a writing guide.

· Start writing.

· Essay editing.

4. Practice free writing

Whether you are involved in essay writing or you are writing a book, you need to practice free writing without thinking about the grammar, writing styles or punctuation. Research has shown that most students who do this rarely suffer from a writer’s block. Just spend 15 minutes putting down anything that comes out of your mind. This writing process will train you to tap into the words in your brain. You can do this for once week before returning to your project or essay form. Alternatively, you can also spend at least 20 minutes to organize your thoughts before embarking on any writing project. By doing this, your head will be full of many essay ideas within no time. It’s one of the best essay hacks to use.

5. Write until it gets perfect

Interestingly, many writer’s blocks are not usually real blocks. You start to write and then suddenly you get discouraged with what you have written. Then you stop while wondering how you could have written such garbage. When writing simply write, do not bother about creating a great piece. The key to overcome writers block is to first get the writing inspiration. Once you are through, go back to your piece and edit the work. This is one of the best writing hooks. After properly editing your work, you can end with an essay conclusion.

Well, if you are stuck with your writing, don’t worry these amazing tricks will help you get to work.

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