Some of my Favorite Books for March


Hello everyone! I’m excited to bring you another “Some of My Favorite Books” post – this month I’ll only be reviewing one book, “Tiny Treats 2: The St. Patrick’s Day Edition.” This book is a collection of short stories from different authors – all of the stories are either set around St. Patrick’s Day, or set in Ireland, and many of them have romantic themes – they’re about people hooking up on St. Patrick’s Day. Some of the short stories in this book include: 

  • Probability of Love by D.B. Sieders – This story is about two people, Ellen and Jace. Ellen is attracted to Jace, who has Asperger’s. The story starts with Ellen trying to find a four-leaf clover. She and Jace get into a discussion, and Jace asks her if she likes him, which she admits she does.
  • Getting Lucky by Jenna Bennett – This story is about a woman named Mavis who meets an Irishman named Luchtaine at a Greek bar outside of Athens. They end up getting into a conversation, and then he ends up taking her home – what happens after he takes her home is anyone’s guess, because that’s where the story ends.
  • Her Pot of Gold by Lindsey Brookes – In this story, Megan O’Malley is celebrating her 25th birthday on St. Patricks’ Day in a bar, and is flirting with the bartender, whom she has a crush on. She starts to enter a pole-dancign contest at the bar, but the bartender ends up stopping her – they end up in his car and they end up hooking up.
  • To Love a Leprechaun by Sophia Henry – This story is told from the point of view of the main character, Gwen, who talks about her relationship with a man named Bennett – about how she found him a number for a local seamstress so he could get a new leprechaun suit, and then the story picks up with Gwen and Bennett at his final fitting appointment. He ends up needing to have his suit made slightly bigger, and the seamstress also  makes him a g-string to go with it. Gwen and Bennett then realize that the seamstress is an exotic seamstress. The story ends with a brief summary that Gwen provides about their life nine years later.
  • Springs Love by Sydney Carroll – This story is set in Florida in 1957. It’s about a woman named Phyllis Cavanaugh who is in charge of the town festival, which just happens to fall on St. Patrick’s day in this story. One of the highlights of the show is the  mermaid show, which in this story almost ends up being ruined because of a bunch of poisonous snakes. The poisonous snakes are removed, however and the show goes on.

These are just a few of the stories you’ll read in this eBook. You can check it out for yourself by clicking here.






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