Developing an Authority Site – Just What Do You Want?

what-do-u-want2If you do not know where you are going, you can rush to get there and expend considerable energy and you may never get there. If you do get there, you may then wander off without realizing that you have gotten there.

We have talked about your market. You have selected your market. How will you entice your market? What do you want your market to do? If you state that you want them to spend an average of one dollar per week at your site, you have not accomplished anything. Why? Because you have not specified stated HOW your market is going to bring your dollar per week to your site. Additionally you have not done anything to get them to get them to your site.

Remember, if you cannot clearly state what you want your market to do, they will not have a clue. If they do not have a clue, they will not do anything that will help you.

Develop a name for your site, and register it. Ideally the name should be related to your market and it should be easy to remember. Http://www.3point might work if your market were mathematicians, but it would probably not work for anyone else. Http:// would be a good name if you wanted to develop a site for grandparents who want to help their grandchildren, but it is taken.

You want them to opt into your site so you can build a mailing list. That is easy. Just ask them and of course they will jump at the opportunity to give you their email address. Do you notice the sarcasm dripping from the previous sentence?

If you want them to opt-in you have to make it worth their while. Usually that involves furnishing them with something they perceive as valuable. This is a lead magnet. We will talk about a lead magnets in a future blog.

Meanwhile, how do you get the people to come to your site and later come back to your site? You need to set up a schedule and write blogs that are relevant to your market. I guess I should write a blog about how blisters on the left thumb impact juggling armadillos if you are left handed.

Maybe I should title it Blistering Armadillos. But then maybe I shouldn’t. If I cannot write passionately about this topic, I need to go back and develop another market. I should probably give up the market of left handed armadillo jugglers since I cannot be very passionate about it.

Eventually you are going to want to have guest bloggers, but until you have a series of blogs and people are reading your blogs, it will be difficult to attract guest bloggers if you do not have the cash to pay them. So you need to keep blogging with relevant information and keep spreading the word about your blog site. This can be done with FaceBook, and convincing everyone who likes your website to tell their friends. You can use AdWords to bring people to the site. If you bring 100,000 left handed armadillo jugglers to your site and all they find is information about what you are going to do in the future, they may not come back when you actually have something that is worthwhile on your site. Make sure the first blog you post is worthwhile and end your blog with a lead in to your next blog. If you are relevant, this will help bring them back.

So you can have continuity, write blogs ahead of time so you always have a blog or 5 in the pipeline.

Just because someone comes to your site each week to read your blogs do not expect this to result in them opting-in. They are getting all you have to offer and getting it without sharing their e-mail address. At this point you are trying to build a following.

At this point you are in a quandary. How can you attract quality guest bloggers if you do not have a large mailing list? At the same time, how can you build a mailing list if you do not have quality blogs from not only yourself, but also from guest bloggers.

Our next blog will talk about lead magnets.

Notice how this blog ended with information which is intended to get you to come back next week for the next edition.