My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 1/25/14


Hello everyone! I’m pleased to say this week I made a little more progress on my eBook. I made the changes in the eBook that the person I ended up hiring to format it suggested I make, then I sent the Word document and cover to them so they could format it in mobi format so it will look good on Amazon. They sent me several drafts of the formatted book which I found errors in and had to ask for changes, but in the end they got it look good.  I’m looking forward getting it uploaded to Amazon this week so it will be for sale, or maybe even be doing my free book promo by the beginning of February!

Also, after reading this post on one of my favorite work at home sites, Real Ways to Earn Money Online, I’ve decided to try something different… in addition to posting updates here, I’m also going to put together a newsletter to send out. As an incentive, I’m going to send people who sign up a PDF copy of my first eBook. I’ve taken it out of KDP so that I can do this, but unfortunately didn’t do it before the end of the year, so I’ll have to wait until the end of March before I can actually do this, but in the meantime it will give me some time to come up with ideas for things I can talk about in my  newsletters, other than my eBook progress.

Also, I’m still doing some transcription on Fiverr, although this week has been a little slower.

This coming week I hope to finally get my eBook  up on Amazon – hope everyone has a great week!

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