My Ebook Progress for the Week Ending 6/15/14

Business Graph Output Growth Of Silver BarsI’ve made some progress on my eBook research this week – I’ve added some more information on work at home phone jobs to the database I created – I’m up to 29 companies now.  I also made  a few changes to my book to see if they help sales.  I changed the main color of the cover to green, and I also raised the price of the book from .99 cents to 2.99.  I was hesitant to do that because the first book was such a short book, but according to what I’ve read, paying more of a book makes people feel like they’ve got more of an “investment” – so we’ll see if either of those two things help.  Of course, I’ve also got to try and find other ways to market it.  I’ve been trying to do that mostly through article marketing  – writing articles related to my book’s subject and promoting them. I’ve also been commenting on blogs and writing reviews on books that I read that I find helpful, such as the one I read earlier this week, called 3-Step E-Book Ranking System.  That book also gave me some other ideas that I may try, but I’m not sure – I may save them for the new book and try them out on that one.

As you can tell, I’ve also been busy making changes to this site.  I created a section for articles on eBook Marketing advice – I’ve been slowly adding the articles that Herb Nordmeyer wrote for me last year, and I’ll also add the interview that Lynn Serafin did on my site. I also added a bar at the top of my site to encourage people to sign up for my mailing list and a Listly plug-in that will display the relevant lists I create on Listly.

I also found out something interesting this week.  I’ve used  Canva to create a few things – mostly graphics for my work newsletter, and a graphic that I was going to use on the cover I created for my first eBook until I decided to try creating a book cover using KDP’s cover creator. Canva now has a Kindle cover template though, so I may try using that to create the cover for my new eBook.

That’s it for my updates for this week.  This coming week I hope to get at least another 10 companies added to my database and find some more ways to market my eBook. Everyone have a great week!

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