eBook Progress for the Week Ending 7/20/14

mathafix-barre-telechargementHello everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week.  I’m pleased to say I made a lot more progress on my eBook this week.  I finished adding the information on work at home companies that hire employees, and added the information on work at home companies that hire independent contractors. Now I have a few companies that I have to do more research on because I couldn’t determine whether they hire employees or independent contractors – so I’ll be working on that for a little bit (hopefully not too long!)

I also started working on some eBook cover design ideas, but I’m not completely happy with the ones I’ve come up with, so I may be looking into hiring a cover designer for this eBook. I also found out about a new service called Kindle Unlimited that launched this week – me and other authors that have eBooks enrolled in KDP Select automatically had those books enrolled in this service.  According to what I’ve read, any time a Kindle Unlimted eBook is downloaded and the reader reads more than 10% of it, the author receives a portion of the KDP Select Global Fund.  So, if the Global Fund amount is $1,000,000, all participating titles were read 300,000 times, and my book was read 1,500 times, I would receive $5,000 for that month.  My book hasn’t even been downloaded that many times, but I think it could still be a good incentive for me to do more marketing for my eBook, especially to people who are enrolled in Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited.

As you can probably tell, I’ve also been working on making a few changes to this website. I’m experimenting with a few different ways of collecting names for my eBook launch  mailing list, and I also am trying to clean up my page a little by shortening the amount of the post that shows on the front page of my site.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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