eBook Progress for the Week Ending 8/17/14

inchwormThis week has been a slow progress week for my eBook, because I’ve had a few other things that I’ve been working on.  I did manage to add some more information about a few companies, but I’m still working on trying to get some questions answered.  I hope to make more progress on it this week. I would like to get as much done on the “A” companies in the Employee section of my book (the companies whose names begin with A, that is) this week, and then move forward to the C companies  (there are no companies whose names begin with B in the Employee section of my eBook).

I’ve also been working on my work from home tips blog, and I’ve also started working on learning the Dvorak keyboard.  That’s been very slow going, especially since I’ve been using the QWERTY keyboard for over 30 years.  I’m getting it slowly but surely, though. I will be posting updates on that on my work at home tips blog.

That’s it for this week.  This coming week I will be doing my first Kindle Countdown promotion for “Your Work at Home Journey.” It will start on Tuesday, August 19th at 8 am Pacific Standard Time – that’s 11 am Eastern Time for my readers on the East Coast – I’m not sure how that translates for those of you who live outside the US.  “Your Work from Home Journey” will be 99 cents until 4pm PST on August 20th.  At that time, the price will increase to $1.99, and will stay there until 12:00 am August 22nd PST, when it will increase to $2.99.  It will be $2.99 until 8 am PST on August 23rd, when it will go back to the original price of $3.49.  I look forward to seeing what sales are like at these different price points.