My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 9/14/14


Hello everyone! I’m pleased to say I made more progress on my ebook. I started working on finding more information on some of the companies in the Independent contractor section of my ebook. I sent out some emails asking for information on some the questions I needed answered – I received some responses, but some I’m still waiting for responses on.  I also posted some of my questions on work at home message boards that I frequent, and did find a few people who were able to provide more information on them.

I also started re-organizing my eBook a little bit this week – there were some work at home jobs that I’d  placed at the end of the book because I wasn’t sure whether they were employee or independent contractor positions, but as I’ve been finding out information, I’ve been able to start moving some of those companies to their appropriate places.

I also got my first sign up to my eBook promotion mailing list this week, so I sent out the first PDF I created which provides some information on five of the companies I talk about  – hopefully it’s just enough information that they’ll want to buy my eBook when I publish it on Amazon. I also started working on some other ideas for PDFs with more specific information on work at home jobs in different fields.  Specifically, I’m working on coming up with PDFs with information on work from home jobs in customer service, health and/or insurance, travel, technical support, sales, appointment setting and lead generation, tutoring, flower companies, and political outreach. I also plan to send out an email beforehand explaining the difference between working as an employee and an independent contractor, because that’s an important distinction that people need to understand before they even start working from home.

I also found an interesting infographic that I wanted to share with you all, it shows statistics for Amazon Kindle sales. You can check it out here.

That’s the progress I’ve made on my eBook this week, the  next two weeks my husband is going to be working out of town during the week, so I hope to get a lot of work done on my eBook during that time. I’ll be back next week with another update.  If you’re interested in receiving the information I metioned above,  you can sign up here.


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