eBook Progress/eBook Sales Update for the Week Ending 11/1/2015



Good morning! I’m happy to say I had a good week this past week – my eBook “Get Paid to Talk” got a sale this week, in Canada of all places.  I’ve been working a little bit on making changes to that eBook, but in the meantime I’ve also been working on some other freelance writing. 

This week I also applied for a few freelance jobs and was actually told I’d be hired for one, but I have yet to hear from the guy. In the meantime as I said, I’m starting to get some more transcription and freelance writing work from other sources, so I’m actually thinking of withdrawing my bid since it’s been a week and he has yet to make the job live. I’ve also started working a little bit on making some changes to my Erica L. Martin Writing and Transcription website – I’ve started adding a section for my writing samples so I have some place to send potential clients so they can see samples of my work. I eventually want to buy my own domain for that website and set it up on WordPress.

I’ve also started working on ideas for a newsletter for my other website Work at Home Tips Online. If you would be interested in receiving this newsletter, please feel free to sign up on the website, or on my Facebook Page for the website: https://www.facebook.com/workathometipsonline

I also read an interesting blog post about hosting a Facebook Party as a way to interact with fans, or even potential readers of your book. After reading this post, I’m not sure that I’ll host a Facebook party of my own anytime soon, but I still thought it was interesting – you can check out the post here. That post did get me thinking about the idea of possibly doing a giveaway for one of my books – maybe my re-vamped “Get Paid To Talk Volume One” book once I’m finished with it. I’m going to look into that a little more.

That’s it for this week – this coming week I REALLY  need to start working on ways to balance working on my freelance writing, transcription, and other things in my life. I’ll update you all on that, as well as on other things going on in my life, in next week’s post. Until then, everyone have a great week!

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