My eBook Sales for the Week Ending 2/15/15


Hello everyone! I hope my US readers had a great Valentines day and spent some quality time with you sweethearts  :-).  I’m pleased to say my eBook got another Kindle Unlimited/Kindle Owners Lending Library download this week. I’m wondering if those downloads are because of the price – I priced it at 5.99, which I thought was reasonable considering how much information is in it. I may try lowering the price after a few weeks though and see if it gets more sales rather than KU/KOLL downloads.  This week I also decided to try out the premium membership on Indie Writer’s Support – I was able to add the covers of both of my books to the site.

In addition, this week I started making some changes to this web site. You all may notice I’ve added a business directory section to it.  I want to use this for eBook related products and services, such as editing and eBook cover creation. If you have a business that’s eBook related, or know of one I should add, feel free to add the information.

I also read an interesting book about how to get more book reviews – it’s called “Get More Reviews So You Can Sell More Books,” and it’s written by E.T. Barton. She shares a lot of tips – many of them are useful, some could be considered shady, however.  I’m looking forward to trying out the ones that I consider potentially useful.  One thing I did notice though, when I tried to contact her, the emails I sent to her  email addresses got returned, and the last time any of her social media profiles were updated was in 2014.

This coming week I look forward to getting back to doing some transcription for my Fiverr client, and I’m also going to look into some of these other ideas that E.T. Barton discusses in her book.

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