Some of My Favorite Books for July

Good morning! This month’s post is about books that are appropriate for the  month of July. Since this month is the month when the US, as well as a few other countries, celebrate their independence, I’ve chosen books that relate to that theme. The books  have to do with being free from disease, and also free from having to rely on grocery stores to provide us with our food and a lot of the products we use every day.  They are “Tox-Sick” by Suzanne Somers, “All You Need is Less,” by Madeline Somerville, and “The Backyard Food Factory,” by P.S. Orr. 

Tox-Sick – In this book, Suzanne Somers talks about different toxic threats in our environment, such as foods that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) cleaners and other products that contain harmful chemicals, and even cell phones, which emit radiation.  She discusses how these things are making more and more people sick, and what we can do to protect ourselves against these toxic threats. She does this through interviews with different people she talked to about their symptoms and how they affected their lives, and what they had to do to get well. Once they made a lot of the changes that she talks about in this book, they were able to break free from the sicknesses they had.

All You Need is Less –  In this book Madeline Somerville talks about different ways you can reduce the carbon footprint – probably the main thing that she talks about in this book is making a lot of your own cleaners, shampoo and other household products, rather than buying them at the grocery store. This is a good one to read after Tox-Sick, because none of these recipes contain any toxins. You can make a lot of things just by using things like white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, washing soda, and essential oil, among other things. I actually plan to try some of these recipes out – if you’re interested in finding out when I try these and what my results are, you can follow my blog The Erica Upgrade Project.

The Backyard Food Factory – In this book, P.S. Orr talks about how to grow your own food. This is another nice book to read in addition to the other two, because it talks about how to grow your own food organically, so you get the best quality food you possibly can, which of course will help guard against diseases and a lot of the problems that Suzanne Somers talks about. P.S. Orr covers everything you need to know about how to grow your own vegetables, from garden design and placement, to how to prepare your garden beds, to the types of plants you can plant in different types of gardens.

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