Some of My Favorite Books for June – Books About Weddings and Fatherhood

Some of My Favorite Books


Good morning! Hard to believe it’s June already – we’re almost halfway through 2016! This month we celebrate Father’s Day, and June is also a popular month for weddings, so the two books I’ll talk about this month are “The Tao of the Vow,” which has to do with writing your wedding vows, and “Fatherhood,” one of my favorite Bill Cosby books, which has to do with – you guessed it – being a father.  

The Tao of the Vow – In this book, J. Thomas Steele talks about writing your wedding vows – if you’re getting ready to get married and thinking about writing your own wedding vows, this is a great book to read – he talks about the steps involved, such as researching wedding vows so you can get an idea for what kind of vows you want to write, topics to include in your vows, whether or not to include humor, how to format your speech, practicing your vows, and at the end he includes a bonus chapter for those who are renewing their vows. At the very end he includes some wedding vow samples, as well as quotations that can be included.

Fatherhood – In this book, Bill Cosby takes a humorous look at being a father and just at life in general – you’ll get something out of this book whether you’re a father or not, but you’ll probably get even more out of it if you are a father. And if you’re ever watched “Bill Cosby: Himself,”  or listened to any of his other routines, you’ll probably recognize some of the stories he tells, such as his the plane ride he was on with a mother and her young son Jeffrey, his experiences at the dentist, or the time when his children wanted chocolate cake for breakfast.

Those are the two books I wanted to review this month – next month, in honor of Independence Day, I’ll be talking about books with an “independence” theme.

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