My Favorite Books About Writing eBooks

One thing I did a lot when I wrote my first eBook, and still continue to do, is read a lot of Antique BookseBooks about writing eBooks.  This includes not only eBooks about the actual writing process, but also eBooks about other aspects of the process, such as marketing and formatting, and designing eBook covers.  In this post I’ll discuss a few eBooks that I’ve found  helpful.

How to Publish a Best-Seller on Amazon by Nicholas Black – This was the first book I read about the subject, and it is the book that got me started on this path. In this book, Nicholas Black covers everything from writing the eBook to formatting it, coming up with a title, creating a cover, pricing it and marketing it. This book was published back in 2012, so some of the information may be out of date now, but a lot of it is still valid.

Ebook Publishing 101: My Ebook Publishing Secrets for Success by Stacey Davidson – In this book Stacey Davidson discusses her tips for publishing eBooks on Amazon .  She covers a lot of the same topics Nicholas Black does in his book, but provides some additional tips for how to make a lot of money selling eBooks.

Price Rich by Von Money – In this book, Von Money discusses his secrets for success with eBook publishing on Amazon. He talks about a lot of the same topics as the other two authors, but he offers some different opinions.  For example, many of the books I’ve read suggest pricing your book at 2.99 or more so you can take advantage of the 70% royalties. However, one point that Von Money makes in this book is that if you sell 5 books that are priced at .99 cents, even at 35% royalty you’ll make more than if you don’t sell any books that are priced at 2.99 or more.

The Black Bible by Von Money – This book is the sequel to Price Rich. In this book Von Money talks about 20 of his secrets that have helped him become successful publishing ebooks. He talks about things like coming up with a title that promises something – in his words “The title of your book should create an itch a mosquito would be proud of.” He also talks more about pricing strategies, creating an effective book description, and the importance of enrolling in the KDP Giveaway, where you offer your book for free for five days every 90 days.

Self-Edit and Evaluation Checklist – This very short eBook provides a list of things you’ll want to check as you go through your eBook. You’ll probably still want to have someone else check it over, but using this check list will reduce the likelihood that there will be a lot of things that need to be corrected.

These are just a few of the books I’ve read about writing and self-publishing eBooks – there are many others. If you’re interested in following my eBook writing journey, be sure to check this blog often for new posts, or follow me on my Facebook page.

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