Get Rid of Writers Block with “The Write Life”


TheWriteLife_02-2I recently read a book called ” The Write Life” by Courtney Daniel and Connie Brentford. In the book, they discussed several strategies for getting rid of writers block. I’ll provide a brief overview of this book and discuss some of these strategies in this blog post.

The first thing they discuss is the psychology behind writer’s block. They talk about the different ways that writer’s block can manifest itself, such as not being able to think of topic, or having too many ideas for things to write about. They also provide information about famous writers who have had writer’s block, such as Maya Angelou, Dan Brown Truman Capote, and Lewis Carroll, among others. In this first section, they also discussed excuses for writer’s block, such as “I don’t have what it takes to be a writer,” “My ideas are to stupid or too simplistic,” and ” There are too many flaws in my story to continue writing,” among others. The next thing they do is provide a list of 23 questions that will help you pinpoint your block.

They also talk about other important things that help with writer’s block, such as making writing a habit, ways to avoid distractions, battling boring topics, and ways to stay organized as a writer. They also provide creativity exercises, including creativity prompts, quick exercises to help get your creative juices flowing, 20 more abstract exercises, and 51 topical prompts in categories such as science fiction, childhood, mystery, food, and writing. They provide a list of links to web sites that have different writing prompts.

The next to last chapter talks about ” The Ultimate Solution.” The ultimate solution is whatever works for you, so it’s important that you experiment with the different ideas are provided in this book. After this chapter they provide a list of links to many different resources, including time management and progress tools, the links to sites for free writing prompts that I mentioned previously, and links to IOS Apple apps and Google Play apps.

If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, or even if you’re looking for ways to get more organized as a writer, I highly recommend reading this book. You can find it on Amazon at

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