My eBook Sales Progress for the Week Ending 5/25/14

Last week was a very slow week for eBook sales. I only sold 2 eBooks, but I did get another 5-star review.  This coming week, in addition to looking for ways to encourage more downloads, I also plan to start working on my next eBook.  The next three eBooks I plan to do will be more “directory” types of books that I’ll list information about different companies that hire people to work from home in the different areas I talked about in my first book – phone jobs, transcription and freelance writing. I would like to write the books along the lines of “101 companies that hire for work at home phone jobs,” “101 companies that hire work from home freelance writers,” and “101 companies that hire work from home transcriptions.” I’ve actually started doing a little research and found over 100 companies that hire people for different types of work at home phone jobs, now I just need to do some research on those companies, and also decide how I want to structure the book.

Also, as you may have noticed, the site is a little barren right now – that’s because I’ve switched providers, and I forgot to back up my information from my previous provider.  I will have this website back up and running the way it was with my new hosting company soon though!

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