My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 10/11/15


Good morning! I hope everyone had a great week – I didn’t get any sales this week on either of my books, but I’m pleased to say I’ve made some progress with making changes to “Get Paid to Talk Volume 1”  – I’ve started going through and making some changes, and in the process I’ve discovered that some  things have changed at some companies – for example Amazon now offers seasonal work from home positions in several other states, other than the two I mentioned in the original “Get Paid to Talk” eBook. I also decided to add some things that I’m hoping will help drive sales of the other eBook I plan to publish, “Get Paid to Talk Volume 2,” which will be about companies that hire independent contractors. 

I also read a few interesting this in Amy Lynn Andrews’ Useletter that I wanted to share. For one thing, Facebook has launched a new version of its Notes application, at least for individual accounts. I checked out the Notes application for Pages, and it’s still the same – can’t any of the things with it that you can do with the new notes application for individual accounts. To find out more about it check out this post from Facebook. Also, if you write children’s books, she shared a list of 100 places you can market them. Also, if you need to resize photos, she shared a link to an aspect ratio calculator that you can use.

That’s it for this week – this coming week I hope to make more progress on my eBook, and continue working on my Spanish. Hope everyone has a great week!

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