My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 10/25/2015



Good morning! I’m sorry to say I didn’t have any eBook sales this week, though I did make some progress on my eBook. I found out two of the companies I wrote about in my eBook have merged to form a new company, so I’m doing some research on the new company so I can write a chapter about it for this eBook, and I also plan to write a review about it for Work at Home Adventures. I also hope you all enjoyed the interview I published with Chase Monet, I’m enjoying her book very much.

This coming week I want to keep working on my eBook. I plan to research the new company and write a chapter about them, I’d also like to keep going on my other eBook progress. My goal is to get it written by the end of the year, and then hopefully have someone edit it, and have a new eBook cover made for it, though I still need to come up with an idea for it. I also want to come up with a marketing strategy.

I also wanted to mention I’ve been using Ilys to do some of my writing this week, and it’s really helped. I used it to write this post again, as well as an article on Medium about while I’ll probably never fly again – it was about my attempt to get up to New York for my grandfather’s burial. Rather than get into it here, I’ll just provide you with a link to the article.

That’s it for this post, I hope everyone has a great week!


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