My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 10/4/15


Good morning! I didn’t get any eBook sales this week, but I’m pleased to say I made quite a bit of progress on the eBook I want to publish on Gumroad by the end of the year. I decided to change the format a little bit and make each chapter more like a review, with questions and answers about the different work at home opportunities. I also decided to add a “bonus” chapter about my five favorite companies that hire for work at home phone jobs – some of them hire employees but a few hire independent contractors. For the ones that hire employees, I’ve included links to the different chapters so the person reading the book can jump straight to the chapter for more information. For the companies that hire independent contractors, I’m going to include a link that my readers can use to sign up for a mailing list so they can get updates on when my independent contractor jobs eBook is published. I also finished making some changes I wanted to make – I changed all the sections into questions, and added a few additional questions to each chapter. I’m now going through and looking for reviews about the work at home jobs each company offers, and also trying to make some of the other changes I marked.

I also got another review of “Your Work at Home Journey” – unfortunately this one was another two star review, but I’m not worried, I’ve still got far more five star and four star reviews. If you’re interested in seeing the review, you can check it out here.

I’m also excited to say that a friend of mine, Chase Monet, has published her first eBook! The ebook is called “Secrets of a Cheating Heart,” and you can find it here. Another friend of mine interviewed Chase for her blog, Powerfully Purposed for Success – you can find that interview here. I also plan to interview Chase for this blog, so keep your eyes open for that interview.

On a non-ebook related note, I’m excited to say I finished my Rosetta Stone Spanish course! I’m still bringing up my Rosetta Stone software every day to see if there are any adaptive recall lessons so I can keep my fluency up. I’m also starting to practice the Spanish scripts for work so that I can learn them, and I eventually plan to start practicing with the Spanish-speaking interviewers. I plan to start doing Spanish interviews by the end of the year. Which coincidentally is when I also want to have this eBook published by.

That’s it for this week, this coming week I plan to keep working on my eBook and my Spanish – hope everyone has a great week!


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