My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 11/22/15


Good morning! Sorry this update is late, I’ve had a busy week this past week. This past week I didn’t do much work on my eBook itself, this week was mostly about earning money so that I can get my eBook edited in the near future – I’ve been working on doing some transcription for a new client on Upwork. I’ve also been working on some articles for a possible new freelance writing client. I’m also pleased to say that “Your Work at Home Journey” got another sale this week. I also just checked, it got another review on November 12, although the review wasn’t particularly helpful – the reviewer just said it was a “Great book for work at home people.”

This coming week is a short week because of Thanksgiving, so I don’t see me doing anything – I do have another that my transcription client on Upwork sent me, so I may start working on that, and I also want to try to get the test articles finished that my freelance writing client sent me. I hope my US readers have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back probably the first week of December with another update!

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