My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 1/3/16


Good morning everyone! And happy new year! I’m pleased to say I made quite a bit of progress on my eBook this week – because my work was slow I was able to do some work on re-wording the sections that needed to be reworded. I hope to get t he rest of it done by the middle of January, which is when I want to get my editor to edit it. I also came up with some ideas for things I want to include in my future eBooks, and made some updates to “Your Work at Home Journey,” since I will be doing another free promo for it this week.  By the way, don’t forget to tell your friends about that, or anyone you know that might be interested in getting information on work at home jobs.  I’m looking forward to seeing how many downloads my eBook gets this week. Also this week I plan to make more progress on editing my eBook.

I also published my first “Some of my Favorite Books” post last Friday.

That’s  it for this week’s  post, I hope everyone has a great week! I’ll be sure to share the results of my free book promo for “Your Work at Home Journey” next week.


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