My eBook Sales for the Week Ending 3/1/14


Good morning everyone! Hard to believe the first two months of the year are gone already. I’m pleased to say that “Get Paid to Talk” got another borrow this week, but still no sales. This week I did what I talked about last week – I did more transcription for my fiverr client, and I also started putting some of the ideas into action that I got from around86 – I started researching reviewers that are on the Amazon Top Reviewers list, and so far I’m finding out that it’s hard to find reviewers that will review books – I guess a lot of reviewers get requests to review books. So far I’ve found 7 that I plan to contact, I want to look for a few more before I start contacting them though. I also wrote a review of Indie Writer’s Support – I’m waiting for it to be approved and then I’ll probably post a link to it, hopefully in my next post.

This week I plan to do more of the same as last week – work on transcription from my fiverr client, continue looking for book reviewers, and continue looking for ways to promote my books. I hope everyone has  ag great week! 

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