Lessons I Learned from Writing my First eBook

E-book reader and  stack of books on white background. 3dNow that I’ve published my first eBook and it’s started getting some sales, I wanted to share some lessons I learned as I went through the process of writing this first eBook. If you  haven’t written your first eBook yet, I hope you’ll keep these things in mind as you start writing.

Make it a priority – If you’re determined to write an eBook, you need to set aside time to actually work on  the process. If you work full time or go to school, this means you may have to get early or stay up late so you can put in a little time on your eBook. I often got up at 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning so I could work on writing or researching my eBook , or doing other things related to my eBook.

Have a to-do list – I always try to make a to-do list of what I want to accomplish on my eBook for the day.  That could be writing or outlining a chapter, researching a chapter, brainstorming ideas, or anything else that I need to do that’s related to my eBook. Then I would at least try to make a dent in those tasks during the time I set aside for working on my eBook.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – If your goal is not only to write an eBook, but actually make money off of it, there’s a lot more to the process of writing an eBook than just writing it. You also have to design a book cover and find ways to market your eBook. Not everyone knows how to do all these things well though, nor do they have the time to do it, so it’s ok to enlist the help of others you might know. When I was writing “Your Work at Home Journey”, I asked a friend of mine if she could use her graphic design skills to modify a graphic that I had downloaded and was considering using in the cover. I also had people help me with editing the text of the eBook as well as my eBook description, and putting the description into the proper format so it would look good on the sales page.

If you don’t already have one, build a following while you’re working on your eBook – When I first started writing my ebook back in 2012, I did have a little bit of a following because I had been a contributing writer on Work at Home Adventures for a little over a year at that time, but I also decided to start a free blog on wordpress.com so I could let people know about the progress I was making on my ebook. Later when I had the money, I converted the free blog to a self-hosted website on WordPress.org.

Write as much as you can about your eBook’s subject so you can get the word out about it – You can write guest posts for blogs about your eBook’s subject, or even write articles for sites like Hubpages and Yahoo Contributor Network. If you have a blog or website, be sure to mention it in your article or blog post.  Here’s an example of a hub I wrote about one of the subjects I cover in my eBook.

Get the word out about the articles you wrote – You can do this by connecting with others on the sites you write on, and you can also share your articles on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Create a mailing list that people can sign up for – Mailchimp is great for this – I first found out about Mailchimp from Miranda Grimm, the owner of Work at Home Adventures. You can sign up for a free account and you’ll be able to send 12,000 emails a month to a list of 2,000 subscribers. If your list ends up being larger than that, you may want to consider upgrading to a paid account. Once you create a mailing list, you can copy and paste the code for the mailing list widget right into your WordPress website, or post a link on different social networking sites.

These are just a few of the lessons I learned from writing my first eBook. To follow my eBook’s sales progress, as well as the progress I’m making on my next eBook, be sure to check back often for updates.

My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 6/8/14

This week has been a slow week for eBook sales – I only sold one copy of my eBook, however I did make some more progress on my new eBook. I’ve now added information on 20 companies to my database. I have to do some more research on one company before I can add them to the database, I wasn’t able to find much information from my primary sources.  This week I hope to add another 10 companies to my database. I also want to work on some ideas for promoting my first eBook.  I hope everyone has a great week!

My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 6/1/14

Hope everyone had a great week last week.  This past week has been a pretty quiet one as far as eBook sales are concerned – I only sold one book this week, however I did start working on research for my next book. As I mentioned in my last post, I was able to find over 100 companies that offer work at home phone jobs.  In the research I’ve done so far this week, I’ve found out that a few of those companies no longer hire people to work from home, but at this point I’ve still got over 100 companies on my list.  I’ve created a database in Google Docs that I’m using to keep track of the information.  Right now I’m thinking that the first book will be divided up into two sections – one for phone jobs that hire employees, and the other for phone jobs that hire independent contractors, but I will be sure to keep you all updated as I progress on the eBook.

This week I hope to do more research for my new eBook, and I’m also working on a few ways to promote my first eBook so I can start getting more sales again.  I hope everyone has a great week!

My eBook Sales Progress for the Week Ending 5/25/14

Last week was a very slow week for eBook sales. I only sold 2 eBooks, but I did get another 5-star review.  This coming week, in addition to looking for ways to encourage more downloads, I also plan to start working on my next eBook.  The next three eBooks I plan to do will be more “directory” types of books that I’ll list information about different companies that hire people to work from home in the different areas I talked about in my first book – phone jobs, transcription and freelance writing. I would like to write the books along the lines of “101 companies that hire for work at home phone jobs,” “101 companies that hire work from home freelance writers,” and “101 companies that hire work from home transcriptions.” I’ve actually started doing a little research and found over 100 companies that hire people for different types of work at home phone jobs, now I just need to do some research on those companies, and also decide how I want to structure the book.

Also, as you may have noticed, the site is a little barren right now – that’s because I’ve switched providers, and I forgot to back up my information from my previous provider.  I will have this website back up and running the way it was with my new hosting company soon though!