Self Publishing Success Summit: What I Learned about Book Marketing from Nick Stephenson

Another Self Publishing Success Summit webinar that I found very useful was Nick Stephenson’s webinar called “Book Marketing 201: Getting Your First 10,000 Readers (and how I built a 16,000 person email list in 6 months).”  In this post I’ll share some of the things I learned.

One of the things that Nick talked about was how he always wanted to have his own business and do something creative – the conventional wisdom for marketing is write more books and build your platform, but no one tells you how to do it. One tip that he gave was to look outside your industry and see what’s working and apply that to what you’re doing. Some of the tips he gave were that you need to go directly to your readers instead of relying on social networking.  You also need to give people something of value in exchange for them giving you their email address to get on your email list. If you have several books on Amazon, you can also make one of them a perma-free book and use it as a way to get people on your email list – of the 15,000 people he’s got on his email list, almost all of them joined through his perma-free book. His other two sources of leads are Facebook ads and giveaways.

It’s also important to find out what your readers like – send emails to your readers asking them what they like. In my case I could ask readers what they want to know more about regarding working from home. If you’re using an affiliate site, you can also send your list emails about products that relate to your niche.  If I was using an affiliate site and there was a product that related to working from home, such as a book or a business opportunity, I could send them an email about that and potentially make money if they order the product.

I definitely found this to be a helpful webinar.  One thing I’ve decided to do is get “Your Work from Home Journey” ready for another free promo, which I want to run at the beginning of August. If you’re interested in finding out more, be sure to join my email list.


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