Self Publishing Success Summit – What I Learned from the Summit Recap with Chandler Bolt

The final Self Publishing Success Summit webinar I viewed was the live summit recap with Chandler Bolt,where he gave an outline for how to write, market and publish an eBook in 90 days or less. In this post I share what I learned in that webinar.

Chandler went very quickly through the webinar, but he provided some excellent advice. He started by sharing the three secrets to writing your first book. They are:

  • Mindmap your book – take 30 minutes to break out your idea on paper – organize your ideas into sections.  I also like to use the website Mindmup to do this.
  • Outline – write your sections down and put ideas under those. I personally like to do my outlines using OneNote, but if you use Scrivener you can also do them there (and I may start doing them in Scrivener when I eventually download it and start trying it out).
  • Write – repeat the above process for each chapter- Mindmap each chapter, outline it and then write it. The mindmap should take about 10  minutes, the outline should take 10 minutes, and it should take about 30 minutes to write it.

Chandler also provided ideas for how to write a book. They were:

  • Talk into your phone – rather than writing your book, talk into your phone from your outline.
  • Get your recording transcribed – you can use a service like Rev or Speechpad, but if I was going to do it I might actually do it myself since I know how to do transcription already.
  • Polish it off – improve the wording so it sounds more like a book – you can do this yourself or have someone else do it.

The next thing he talked about was how to sell a book when you have no list, audience or marketing skills. The suggestions he had were:

  • Purpose your book – Are you using your book to create passive income, get leads, build authority, or is it a passion project? Focus your marketing around the purpose of your book.
  • Build buzz before the book launch – you can do this by having people vote on the cover or the title of the book.
  • Position your book for success – you can do this by focusing only on Amazon at first, because 70% of all book sales come from Amazon. Also when you publish a book, you want to get into a market where books already exist, and model what’s working – look at the types of books others are selling, and write a book that’s similar to those books, rather than re-inventing the wheel.
  • Get specific with the content you put in your book, don’t just write a book that’s on a general subject.

The next topic he talked about was executing the launch. The suggestions he had for this step were:

  • Form a launch team of family and friends – this step is great for people who have no email list. You can give copies of your book or eBook to family and friends and ask them to read it and leave honest reviews.
  • Get reviews – once you start getting reviews, your book will start ranking on Amazon.
  • Focus most of your efforts on week one – After week one, book sales will start tapering off.

The next thing he talked about was what happened when he followed these steps with his book Book Launch. He ended up getting 3,314 leads for his business and made $92,000 in sales from the launch. After that , the rest of the webinar was basically a pitch for Self Publishing School. I personally will not be participating in Self Publishing School, but if you want to find out more about it you can check it out here.

That’s it for this post about the Summit recap. I’ll do one final post about what I learned from the Self Publishing Success Summit, and some of the things I plan to do.


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