Some of my Favorite Books for February – The Reagan Diaries and President Barack Obama: The Kindle Singles Interview

Some of My Favorite Books

Good morning! The two books I’ll be talking about in this month’s Some of my Favorite Books post are two books having to do with presidents – the Reagan Diaries (well, excerpts from the Reagan Diaries) and the Kindle Singles interview that was done with Barack Obama (not technically a book, but still a very interesting read). 

I’ll start with the Reagan Diaries.  I didn’t make it all the way through the book (in fact, because I was so busy in January I only made it about 9% of the way through the book – I do plan to finish reading it though!) but what I did read was very interesting. I’ve kept journals off and on for years, and some of my entries are nothing more than mundane summaries of my day, while others get a little bit more detailed about specific events going on in my life. The Reagan Diaries is no different – some of entries I read were just summaries of things Reagan did during the day, others were more detailed entries about specific events – for example in the February 15, 1981 entry he talked about the he got a little detailed about a session in the Situation Room (the only thing he really did that day). He also talked about how he missed “Mommie” (Nancy). He also talks at great length in some of his entries about his love for Nancy, and about the role she played in his presidency.

The Kindle Singles interview with Barack Obama was very different – it was shorter for one thing.  This was actually a narrative interview between David Blum and Obama. David Blum asked him questions about his experiences and how they shaped his life, and how he’s been trying to create hope. David Blum also asked Obama what he would have gone into if he hadn’t gone into politics – Obama said that he enjoyed teaching – he taught for 10 years, and would have either gone back into that or worked in a non-profit. Though this was a shorter read, it was interesting to read some of the answers Obama gave to David Blum’s questions.

If you enjoy reading books about presidents, especially influential ones like Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, I highly recommend these two books.

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