Some of My Favorite Books for January

Some of My Favorite BooksWelcome to the first post of what I hope will become a monthly post about my favorite books that relate to that month. Since January is the month where everyone starts making New Years’ Resolutions, the books I’ll be talking about in this post are about setting goals – the authors of all of these books have a slightly different take on the goal-setting process, but I’ve gotten a little something out of each one of them that’s been helpful.  

Fire Up Your Goals – Six Simple Steps to Keep Your Goal Fires Sizzling – In this book, Don Bender talks about the DESIRE process, a process that he came up with to help people stay motivated to achieve their goals. DESIRE stands for Decide, Emotionalize, Sensorize, Idealize, Rehearse, and Execute and Evaluate. Each of these steps help you figure out what you want to achieve, define your goal, figure out the emotions you feel now about your goal, and that you will feel when you achieve your goal, and want to feel when you achieve your goal. You also figure out how to add senses to your goals – what are you seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting when you achieve your goal? Next you write story of how you achieved your goal, then record yourself reading your goal story so you can listen to it. I have used this process to achieve several of my goals, so I highly recommend this book for anyone who’s trying to achieve goals.

Goal Setting – 13 Secrets of World-Class Achievers – In this book, Vic Johnson talks about 13 different secrets that people have used to achieve their goals. These include dreaming big, understanding where achievement begins, envisioning you dreams, talking to yourself in a positive way, learning to believe, studying the successes of others, learning to manage your time, taking action on your goals, managing fear and doubt, how to move past negative circumstances or events, doing what others won’t do, using masternmind groups, having principles, and looking for world class mentors and coaches.

Goals: Achieve Your Ambitions, Break Through Your Fears and Live the Life of Your Dreams –  In this book Steve Preston talks about why goals are important, how they help you achieve a better life, why it’s important to get out of your comfort zone to achieve goals, the importance of desire and why failure is important when achieving goals, how to write down and clarify your goals, create an action plan, set up rewards systems, develop positive affirmations, reinforce your goals daily, journal every day about your goal success, develop a morning ritual, and persist every day until you succeed at your goals.

Goals for Life – Set Smarter Goals that Stick – In this book, John Richardson talks about SMART goals. He starts by providing a few examples of people who’ve set SMART goals, then moves on to explain how to set SMARTER goals, discusses who you should tell your goals to, and then talks about a few other types of goals you can set- Revolutionary goals and Impact goals. At the end of the book he provides links to some of his goal-setting tools, including instructions on how to use them.

How to Set Goals: Your Goal Setting Bible for Maximum Personal Achievement –  In this book, Darrin Wiggins talks about some of the secrets that are important to achieving your goals – some of the things he talks about are similar to things that are talked about in other books I’ve mentioned, such as the importance of a mastermind group, journaling, and prioritizing. At the end of each chapter, he provides a few questions for you to think about – they could serve as potential journal prompts. At the end of the book, he provides links to his goal setting worksheets, as well as links to some other books he recommends.

These are just a few of the books on goal setting that I’ve read – there are many others. These are the ones I recommend highly though, because most of them provide you with a plan and/or action steps that you can use to clarify your goals and create a plan to work towards them. For February I’ll be talking about books about love, as well as a few books about presidents, or written by presidents. If you have any you’d like to see included in that post, please contact me with information on the book, including a link to it. If you have any other favorite books on goal setting, I’d love to hear about them. Feel free to comment below.

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