My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 9/20/15 and Working on Redefining My Goals


Good morning! I’m sorry to say I did not make much progress on my two eBooks this week, nor did I  because I got caught up with some other things. I did however get some answers to the interview I posted for the post I’m planning to write for my Work at Home Tips Online website, so I’ll probably publish that this week.

Beyond that, after reading Nicola Sunni’s goals update on her blog Achieve Your Best Life, I’ve started looking at some of the goals I’ve accomplished this year, and what I want to achieve in the 3 1/2 months or so that are left in the year. I don’t remember if I did a goals post or not earlier this year or last year, and I actually couldn’t find one when I just looked a little while ago, but my one writing-related goal was to get my second eBook, Get Paid to Talk, published and start getting some sales from it, and I did that earlier this year. Get Paid to Talk was published on 2/1/15 and so far I’ve made probably about $6 from it – not much at all. I did get a few sales on it when I lowered the price to 99 cents, but not many. And so far it hasn’t gotten any reviews.  So what I’m going to do is shoot for re-launching that book as two separate books – one on independent contractor work from home jobs, and the other on employee work from home jobs – by the end of this year. My goal for this week is going to be to come up with a plan for how to do that.  Continue reading “My eBook Progress for the Week Ending 9/20/15 and Working on Redefining My Goals”