Update for the Week Ending 7/19/15


Good morning! Hope everyone had a great week! Didn’t get any sales or borrows on my books this week, but did attend or at least view quite a few of the webinars at the Self-Publishing Success Summit, and learned quite a few things. I’ve published one post on some of the webinars I attended, and will continue to publish posts about them until it ends. I would love to hear your feedback and find out about some of the things you learned from attending or viewing the webinars.

I also learned about a very valuable resource for anyone who’s trying to work on writing more – 750words.com.  You can u se this site to get yourself into the habit of writing every day. All you have to do is sign up and then use the site to write about anything you want – even do some free-writing.  The site will keep track of how many words you write every day and you’ll earn badges as you reach different milestones.I’ve used it five days in a row so far and have hit my 750 word goal every day (of course, in reality I write way more than 750 words per day, if you count the blog posts I write on this blog and on other blogs I contribute to, as well as the transcription I do). I do like doing free-writing on 750words.com though because it gives me a chance to just write about things going on in my life, even at that very moment – I might write about someone I talked to at my regular job (which I hope will become part-time again by the end of the year) who really ticked me off – this is especially useful because I can’t let the person on the  phone know that they’ve ticked me off…LOL. Sometimes I find it hard to get to 750 words, sometimes I don’t. I only wish they had an Android app so that I can write from my phone as well.

This coming week I hope to continue to view some of the Self-Publishing Success Summit Webinars, either when they go live or later, when I have the time to watch them. I also need to work on a marketing plan for my next free book promo for Your Work at Home Journey, which I plan to do at the beginning of August. I hope everyone has a great week!

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