An Update from Phil McClimon

unnamedWhen I originally established this site back in 2013, I published interviews from several eBook authors, including Phil McClimon, whose original interview you can find here. Phil was kind enough to send me an updated interview, so I thought I’d share that with you.

Why did you decide to write an eBook? (part two)

All the reasons I decided to write an eBook are still valid, so I won’t
rehash them. I am still writing eBooks and the way I decide to pick new
projects is pretty arbitrary. I pick projects usually based on the
ending, but the ending contains the final image, so that means that the
appeal is more about the arc of the character. If I can’t get a strong
sense of character arc fairly early on then the idea for a new story does
not stand much of a chance.

I will say, that while there has never been a month where I have sold zero
books, and books sales have gradually increased over the last year, I am
not able to do this full time yet. That is a real bummer, cause that is
the end game for me. So always lurking in the back of my mind is the idea
of choosing projects that I don’t necessarily want to write, that I may
even have to use a pen name to write, but that I know would sell and sell
well. This is a real temptation cause I probably could achieve my dreams
faster by doing it, even just for a little while, but for me there would
be a stigma attached and so I have refrained. I have not thought about
this lightly, either. I have a trilogy in mind of material that would
sell. I have titles and everything and what I think is a real catchy
series title, with individual book titles. Oh well, maybe if I get
really, really… really desperate…

What was your first eBook about, and why did you pick that topic? (part

My first book was NICOLE’S ODYSSEY. I have written some other books since
then, some have been in the same series, others have been in entirely
different genres. Now, I am finally turning my attention back to that
first book and writing the main sequel to it. It will be called RAILS. I
knew I wanted to write a trilogy if I could based on the events and
characters in the first book and now it looks like I just may be able to.
RAILS will pick up where the first one ended, albeit a short time later.
It will be the middle part of the trilogy and if you know anything about
how trilogies go, things will not go our hero’s way (The second STAR WARS
movie is not called THE EMPIRE GETS ITS BUTT KICKED AGAIN) What is the
third book in my trilogy called? I don’t know. What is it about? Good

If you’ve already published your first eBook, without giving any figures,
how well did your first eBook sell? (part two)

The more I have written, the more I have sold. Go figure, right? As I
have said, I have never had a month where I sold zero. Advertising helped
early on, but the thing that has really helped the most is keywords and
book blurb. There are a lot of books out there that will help you with
book marketing, but the one that I can say helped me the most in that area
has been SUPERCHARGE YOUR KINDLE SALES by Nick Stephenson. It is a short
book, but oh so helpful. I won’t blow his deal by breaking it all down
here. It is worth every penny to buy and read. It is a no frills, no
gimmick, no-nonsense process to get your book noticed on Amazon. Try it
and see for yourself. Some people are slamming Amazon now for Kindle
Unlimited and Kindle Owners Lending Library cause as an author you may not
get your full royalty for these programs. That may be true, but it is how
readers have said they want to consume material. They are the customer
and the customer is always right. I may not be getting full royalty, but
it is balanced out by the fact that I sell more books in these programs,
to more countries in the world than without them. Less royalty per
book/more books sold. I am happy with it. Free still works for
visibility in my opinion. For my latest release, I put it free for five
days on launch week. I got the book into a lot of hands and rose up the
free charts with a bullet for a couple of weeks.

If you could do one thing differently, what would it be? (part two)

Still have started earlier (still need a time machine to do that). The
major shift that has occurred in my thinking has been the notion of book
covers. When I started out, I was pretty adamant that doing my own covers
was the way to go. I had pretty good sales on my first book with my own
cover so I was bolstered in this thought. Looking back, I put the female
lead on the cover in a tight shirt and a semi-automatic rifle. I did not
intend for the shirt to look tight, but it was. Was that why I had such a
good launch? Probably not, cause if people were looking for a certain
type of material, I would probably have had a lot of returns, which I
didn’t. Would putting more girls with guns and tight shirts on the covers
sell more books? Probably, especially if there were more girls with guns
and tight shirts in the story… ahem, anyway, now I get my covers
professionally done by the best designer I have seen out there. Debbie
runs and she is amazing. She has done all
my new covers and I am gradually getting her to redo my old ones, too. As
far as an editor goes, that is part of the plan, but not before gobs more
money. It’s a process and I am patient… mostly.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to write an eBook? (part two)

Get Nick Stephenson’s book. Contact Debbie at the cover collection. A
great cover makes people think you know what you are doing as a writer, at
least initially. Take Nick Stephenson’s advice will help people see that
new cover more often. You still have to know everything you can about how
stories are made and mistakes to avoid. For that, the third side of this
triangle is K.M. Weiland is a
genius who breaks down all aspects of story and great writing in a
friendly fun way. Hook into these three things and you will be miles
ahead in a short time.

Once again, thank you Erica for this opportunity.

If you want to find out more about Phil and what’s doing, you can check out his website.

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  1. Thanks for the update Phil and Erica.

    Most of the times succeed those who persevere, so it’s great to see you still around Phil. Fiction writing is a lot of fun, but getting sales is even harder than in non-fiction case (sometimes I feel like a cheater in that regard 😀 ).

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