Updates for the Week Ending 5/3/14


Good morning! Didn’t have any sales on either of my eBooks this week, but didn’t expect to. I did however get my new eBook cover ordered for “Your Work at Home Journey,” on Wednesday – it should be ready tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out! This week I plan to get the new eBook cover attached to the PDF that I’m going to send out to people who sign up to my Work at Home Tips website, and also upload it to Amazon so I have an updated eBook cover there as well. I also hope to get my one month trial going with GetResponse.

This week I’m also going to be publishing a few posts on writer’s block – the first will be on Wednesday, it will be a post about a book I recently read called “The Write Life.” The second one will be published on Friday, it will be a post with ideas that I’ve gotten from other writers about how to get rid of writer’s block. If you have ideas for other writing-related topics you’d like to write about on this site (other than my progress on my eBook sales) please feel free to comment below, I’m always looking for ideas for things to write about on this site.


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