Updates for the Week Ending 6/14/15



Good morning! This week has been about the same as last week. My performance has been improving at work, so I’m hopeful that soon I’ll be able to get back to doing some of  the other things I want to do, like working on ideas for eBooks, and working on ideas for ways to market my current eBooks.  I also talked to my dad, my grandfather decided not to have a service for Rose, he’s just going to have her cremated. I’ve also been working on my transcription side job still, and I also wrote another article for Start a Snowball, however I’m not sure if it’s been published yet.

I also wanted to share a great link I found out about, Zen99’s Quarterly QuickPay – it’s a tool for freelancers who make more than $1,000 of their income from freelancing (please note, this tool only applies to freelancers who live in the US). You enter your filing status information – whether you’re filing as single, head of household, qualifying widow(er), married filing jointly, or married filing separately, how many dependents you have, how  much you expect to make total for the year (both freelance and employee earnings), and how much you were paid as an independent contractor for different months (if you haven’t  paid estimated taxes for your previous mouths’ earnings, be sure to check the box).  Then the tool will estimate how much you owe in taxes and give you a choice of two different ways to pay – either electronically or by mail. If you choose to pay electronically of course you’ll need a bank account. The tool will give you instructions on how to pay electronically using IRS Direct Pay, as well as a link to the site. If you choose to pay by mail, the tool will give you a link to print and fill out a voucher, as well as instructions about what to write on the check. Go here to check out the link for yourself.

This coming week is going to be a short week for me, because I’ll be leaving to go up to Michigan for a friend’s son’s graduation party on Thursday after I finish work, and coming back on Monday. I do hope to get some more transcription done during the week, and keep working on eBook ideas and eBook marketing ideas for my current eBooks. Hope everyone has a great day!

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