Tools for Writers

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I personally use some of these tools – others were suggested to me by other writers. If you have any tools that you’ve found useful that you’d like to see on this list, please feel free to contact me.


Steve Scott Site


Evernote – This site is great not only for authors or freelancers, but for anyone who needs to keep information organized. I personally use this not only for freelance writing, but for other things in my daily life.

Focus Writer – This is a great tool for those who need to find a way to stay focused on their writing and block out distractions.

ZenPen – This is another great tool for those who need to stay focused on their writing – this one is completely web-based.

Workflowy – This is a great site for organizing ideas for eBooks or websites.


For those who need sound to stay focused, here are some sites that play different sounds.


Jazz and Rain

Wild Sanctuary



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